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Car Repair. Delivered. 

How it works

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The mobile service provider will text or call as they are headed to your location with their ETA to your location. Upon arrival at your location, they will text you so you can come out to put the key on the front seat of your vehicle. The mobile service provider will then sanitize your vehicle while wearing mask and gloves and maintaining six feet distance. After sanitizing vehicle, the mobile service provider will discuss your concerns. They will then create a repair order so they can begin the inspection on the vehicle.



After creating the repair order for the approved service, the mobile service provider will begin the process of inspecting the tires, battery, filters, and fluids. After the inspection is performed the mobile service provider will text and email you a link with the inspection results and estimated cost of service. Once you have approved the estimate the mobile service provider will perform the approved work.



After the mobile service advisor has completed the work, they will send you a text and email link to perform contact free payment. Your finalized invoice will be emailed to you within 24 hours. The mobile service provider will then sanitize your vehicle and leave the key on the driver seat.



Taking care of your car should be as easy as ordering groceries online. We combine the ease and convenience of e-commerce with the #1 dealership in Maryland. All work is done by factory-certified technicians using manufacturer supplied or approved parts in our state-of-the-art centers.  We use the latest software and hardware to provide every level of service from the simplest oil change to the most precise alignment of your adaptive cruise control or other safety features. We can perform warranty and non-warranty work. With us, you know where your car is and can always speak to a service advisor or technician.

  • Is the valet service really free?
    Yes, we offer FREE pick-up and delivery; within our service area to make it easier for you and our community to stay safe.
  • How far away will you come to pick-up my car?
    We serve DC and a circle extending out about 10 miles in all directions. If you’re not sure if you’re close enough, schedule an appointment and we’ll do our best to make it work.
  • What happens if your vehicle needs to be taken to the dealership?
    In the event that your vehicle needs more repair work then the mobile service provider can perform at your location they will swap the vehicle that they arrived in with you. They will sanitize the vehicle and create a loaner agreement that will be texted and emailed to you. After arrival at the dealership a service advisor will take over the repair process for your vehicle. After the vehicle enters the shop and a technician performs the inspection of your vehicle the advisor will send you a text and email copy of the inspection report and then call you to discuss needed service. Once the vehicle is done with the service and repairs the advisor will send a text and email link for contactless payment and arrange to have the vehicle returned to you. When the driver arrives, they will provide you with the keys to your vehicle and take the loaner vehicle back to the dealership. The driver will have you copy of the finalized invoice.
  • What if something happens to my car during transportation?
    In the unlikely event that there is damage to your vehicle done to your car while in our possession, we’ll fix it. We do take images of your car before taking it into the shop to help manage..
  • How do I know that my car is being well taken care of?
    All service is done by Acura technicians certified by the manufacturer using manufacturer parts. To alleviate any concern, we provide a 12,000 mile/12-month warranty on all the work we do.
  • How do I know I'm getting a reasonable price?
    There is NO mark-up for services provided during valet appointments. The prices are the same whether you do the driving or we do the driving. Our stores offer standard, competitive rates. And you have the ultimate protection: if you decided it’s too expensive, we’ll return the car to you without charge.
  • Do you accept warranty work?
    As certified dealer, we can provide warranty work paid for by the manufacturer or warranty carrier for brands that we cover.
  • Is it safe?
    This is the safest way to take care of your car. Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers and team members alike. We have stepped up our efforts to maximize a safety environment implementing Electrostatic Disinfecting of our facility and regularly. we are confident our preparedness and additional procedures will make our dealership a safe environment to meet your automotive needs. We are committed to only the best service.
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