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Having proudly served Bethesda and the Washington, D.C. area for more than 80 years, Chevy Chase Automotive is dedicated to providing clients unmatched end-to-end automotive solutions.
  We are happy and excited to announce the all-new Chevy Chase mobile service as yet another option for our clients. The all-new “Service to You Now” program only enhances and compliments our ever so popular complimentary pickup and delivery service many of our clients have taken advantage of.


This past year has been difficult and trying for many. Many of our clients have been working from home and driving far less than pre-pandemic. Some have even had their car parked for a year. Idle parked vehicles can be subject to some side effects as well. Today’s vehicles with advanced electronics can suffer from battery drain. Many of the components of your vehicle communicate with one another and can cause a drain on the battery. Tires can suffer from flat spots and loss of pressure. Fluids may need to be checked. Windshield wiper blades can be affected among other things. As the vaccines begin to make the world a safer place, and people begin to emerge back to some sort of normalcy, we would like to help. Our “Service to You Now” program, brings the dealership to you. Our factory-trained representative will come to your home or office and complete an inspection of your vehicle. They will also have some common items with them, should anything need to be replaced topped off.


They will also have the ability to connect via video with our shop should they need a second opinion on issues they may find. If your vehicle suffers from a safety issue or an item too complicated to complete at your home or office, we will leave a loaner vehicle with you, take your vehicle back to the shop, evaluate it and fix it upon your approval. We will then safely return your vehicle fixed, cleaned, and sanitized to your home or office. 

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